Designed with the best features

Real-time syncing

No internet access? Use app offline, and it’ll sync any updates the minute your device connects to the internet.


Customise the app to your clubs colours, logos and fonts. You control the look.


Not only does the app keep your data secure on our servers, it’s App Store approved and password protected.


Push out of premium content to members. Send mass updates to select groups, members/ parents.

Attendance recording

Gone are the days of preparing, printing and carrying around paper registers. its in your hand.


Simple for managers/administrators and coaches. Access to finances, registers, sessions and more!

Clear and easy to use

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More features for you

Digital Registers

You can ditch those heavy paper records - all you need is your iOS / Android device and app, where all of your registers will be waiting for you.

Emergency details and medical notes

Get instant access to all of the information you'll need in an emergency from your smartphone or tablet - even when you're offline.

Quickly add members

No need for paper sign-up forms - add new members directly onto your Clubz system, straight from the mobile app.

Coaches notes

Behaviour problems or late payments? Keep your coaches in the loop with handy coach's notes that are synced between all associated devices.

Designed for member access

Easy to Use keep things simple! So, for our app, we’ve stripped the system down to its key features, making it easy to use, even from a mobile phone.

Cloud Based

All your data is stored securely in the cloud and backed up every 24 hours so you'll never need to worry about misplacing those all important records.


Need an easier way to reach all of your members in one go? Send email and social updates through friendly interface at no extra charge.

Make payments

Take payments securely and painlessly without the need for a card reader or specialist app, all through our system and our low-fee payment partner, Stripe.

Track payments and attendance

Payment statuses have never been clearer. The system keeps you in the loop when Stripe is retrying to collect a payment and also when it's failed for the final time.

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