Clubz Can Help You To Reopen Smoothly

The UK Government announced indoor sports facilities can reopen from the 25th July, with guidelines.

In a Government press release by Oliver Dowden it was announced that indoor gyms can reopen by the 25th July, alongside guidelines and advice to ensure safety. Clubz can assist the reopening and make the process easy, ensuring a smooth transition back to physical classes. Clubz will also provide a “backup”, should a local lockdown occur, through supplying a platform to continue with online classes. Below will guide through the main points which need to be considered when restarting physical sports classes and demonstrate how Clubz will help.

  • Governing bodies for any sport must have developed guidance and measures for the physical return, important points of these can be sent via Clubz to members.
  • Attendance recording is more important than ever, especially with members contact details. It is much easier to record attendance digitally, as contact details are already stored alongside members.
  • Pre and post session checklists to make sure that safety precautions are being followed out properly. The checklist would contain everything from making sure equipment is cleaned, to making sure contact details of all attending members are obtained.
  • Checking symptoms must also occur, a high temperature, new continuous cough and recent loss of smell or taste. Club members would need to read through the symptoms and declare that they have not currently got any. This is a self-certify method.
  • Club members should further sign an agreement declaring that they have read and understood that attending a physical class can increase risk of infection.
  • Alongside these checks a, pre-registration would need to be completed which would give an indication of numbers. Numbers are restricted more than normal in order to maintain social distancing inside venues. Certain venues are likely operating with significantly less capacity, meaning the amount of people attending will need to checked.

Reopening amidst the pandemic is more complex than normal, but it is important to follow the Government guidelines to ensure safety for club members. The extra administration involved is far easier on a digital platform rather than through pen and paper or multiple excel spreadsheets. Clubz keeps all the admin in one place, making it less of a hassle as the guidelines change overtime to update practices. If symptoms to look for on the pre and post checklists change, on Clubz this can be done instantly. If indoor sport facilities slots continuously alter, it is much simpler to update this digitally. A solid platform that club members can view to find out all the information about their sport will make the process as smooth as possible.
As mentioned above, it is important to have a backup plan in case a local or national lockdown occurs again, or even if sports are restricted after the 24th July. Therefore, having the option to provide training sessions online, whether through videos or online classes, will be a crucial backup. This will allow club owners to maintain an income while simultaneously keeping members engaged in their training.

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