Support for clubs re-opening after Covid-19 lockdown

How Clubz membership management tools offer complete functionality to easily comply to Government guidelines for Covid-19

As lockdown measures have eased across the country, clubs have begun the return to face to face training. However, the majority of clubs have lost members during this period and struggled to find new members with virtual sessions alone. It is always important to maintain engagement with existing members while actively looking to recruit new ones. However, under these unusual circumstances it is absolutely vital to encourage engagement due to the drop in membership numbers clubs have experienced.

Club owners will also be keen to return to face to face instructing and receiving income from physical classes. In order to ensure safety moving forward, the Government’s most up to date guidelines must be taken into account and followed.

Below will help you identify what is important to consider in your plans to returning to face to face club sessions and how Clubz membership management features can simplify the process.

  • Track & Trace – IMPORTANT mandatory requirement
  • Seamless communication for staff and members
  • Contactless or automated payments
  • Pre-registration to sessions
  • Social distancing and club hygiene

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Track & Trace – IMPORTANT mandatory requirement

Track and Trace requirements are included in both the Government and Sport England Guidance. You should have something in place to enable you to know who a member has been in contact. You NEED this in place before your re-open!

Many Clubs are thinking about using paper sheets for people to fill in and sign when arriving at the club or place of training. However, this creates a unique set of problems for your hygiene and social distancing rules.

Using a Clubz digital online system eliminates this issue completely. You can store your member data, track attendance and see who has been in contact with who in just a few clicks or taps. So there’s no need for people to touch paper or pens when taking these records.

Seamless communication for staff and members

It is critical that National sporting bodies’ guidelines are made available to everyone involved in the club, from staff to members. Particular attention needs
to be given to children and young adults (under 18), who may find it harder to understand guidelines and social distancing principles. The sporting body will determine the risk level for the particular sport and outline the actions to minimise risk of transmission.

Your staff and members need to be completely aware of your plans, schedule and any new rules that are in place in your location(s).

Secondly, you will need to inform the club members of how they can expect classes to be run, discuss rules on hygiene and social distancing, who to report illness to, and how to handle cases of illness should they arise.

Contactless or automated payments

To inhibit transmission on physical surfaces, using physical cash should be avoided when possible. Contactless payments (such as online, contactless terminal, direct debits and standing orders) should be made available and members should be actively encouraged to use the club’s chosen method.

This is a great opportunity for you to get your club finances automated and running smoothly using Clubz finance functionality. It will also save you time!

Pre-registration to sessions

The maximum number of people allowed inside a venue will need to be considered when hosting a physical class. Certain sports classes will need lower numbers than others to maintain social distancing. Through Clubz, online pre-registration will ensure that there is a limit on the number of people attending. This will allow staff/instructors to guarantee that the session can be carried out safely.

Social distancing and club hygiene

A generalised risk assessment must be adapted to the specific club and venue. This, like the guidelines, will need to be made available to everyone at the club.

Consider if your members need to attend in particular clothing. Ideally you should avoid the need for members to use changing/showering facilities. If this is not possible then consideration and guidance should be given to how these can be used safely.

Developing arrival and departure guidance will be critical for maintaining social distancing. Staggering arrival times and using one way systems will also assist this. Clubs cannot control members before and after sessions, but protocols and guidance will help to reduce the risk of transmission.

In order to maintain a high level of safety through reducing the chance of transmission, it is important to develop protocols for before and after each physical session. Protocols will need to be specific to your club and venue but could include; cleaning all equipment, wiping door handles, proper attendance checks, user disclaimer acceptance, arrival and departure procedure adherence. Best practice is that you have checklists of these protocols to record that they have been followed.

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