Recruiting New Members While Engaging With Existing Ones – 10 Point Plan

After months of disruption to your provision clubs are starting to be allowed to resume face to face classes and sessions. While many clubs have offered online sessions there are many that have not. Of those running these online sessions the majority have found that less than 50% of their members have attended these session. Our founders run their own clubs and we therefore understand the need to re-engage and rebuilt their membership.

  • Re-engaging with existing members – with the majority will have lapsed.
  • Recruiting new members.
  • Providing re-assurance that you will be able to provide safe and yet still fun and engaging sessions.

Free White Paper to help you

To help support you, we have developed a 10 point plan to re-engage members and recruit new members. The plan is included in our free white paper which you can download by filling in our CONTACT FORM

Our 10 point plan will make sure that as a membership based organisation or club, you have a plan so rebuild your membership to pre-Covid-19 numbers.

Clubz can help you

Clubz can help you engage with your members and in addition, our new service to provide and host a website for you, can help you engage with potential new members.

CONTACT US to receive free white paper link.

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