Preparing for the return of face to face training classes and sessions – 10 Point Plan

After months of disruption to your provision clubs are starting to be allowed to resume face to face classes and sessions. We understand though, that you and your members will be anxious about returning. Our founders run their own clubs and we therefore understand the unique challenges membership based clubs need to overcome in returning to face to face sessions, which include:

  • Keeping members and staff safe
  • Keeping attendance and contact records
  • Providing re-assurance and information to your members and staff
  • Complying with all legal requirements
  • Free White Paper to help you

Free White Paper to help you

To help support you, we have developed a 10 point plan looking at everything you need to do in preparation to return and keep your staff and members safe. The plan is included in the free white paper which you can download by filling in our CONTACT FORM

Our 10 point plan will make sure that as a membership based organisation or club, you are clear about the steps you need to take to inform your members, run classes and sessions, keep your members and staff safe and comply with government guidelines and legal requirements.

Support for all membership based organisations and clubs for free

Please take time to read our free white paper written to help you. In the appendix you will find that we have included a clause to cut and paste into your privacy policy and we also offer a risk assessment pro forma that we can supply to you, again at no charge by responding to our download link email.

Clubz can help you manage your return

Finally, Clubz can help you manage the process to all that is needed to return to face to face sessions again for free. Run a safe club with all your legal data to hand with ease.

CONTACT US to receive free white paper link.

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