Clubz support for clubs re-opening after Covid-19 lockdown

Clubz free membership management tools offer complete functionality to easily comply to Government guidelines for Covid-19.

As lockdown measures have eased across the country, clubs have begun the return to face to face training. However, the majority of clubs have lost members during this period and struggled to find new members with virtual sessions alone. It is always important to maintain engagement with existing members while actively looking to recruit new ones. However, under these unusual circumstances it is absolutely vital to encourage engagement due to the drop in membership numbers clubs have experienced.

Club owners will also be keen to return to face to face instructing and receiving income from physical classes. In order to ensure safety moving forward, the Government’s most up to date guidelines must be taken into account and followed.

  • Track & Trace. Easy
  • Communication
  • Contactless Payments
  • Pre-registration to sessions
  • Social Distancing Measures
  • Club Hygiene.

View our page Support for clubs re-opening after Covid-19 lockdown to help you identify what is important to consider in your plans to returning to face to face club sessions and how Clubz membership management features can simplify the process.

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  • Preparing for the return of face to face training classes and sessions – 10 Point Plan

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Coronavirus: Fitness Industry “Devastated” By Lockdown

The fitness industry has been “devastated'” by the Covid-19 pandemic, the trade body UKActive has warned.

In a recent BBC News Article gym and training club owners describe that even though they are now open, guidelines mean that they can’t operate in any where near to pre-covid lock down levels.

Mixed Martial Arts – which combines a number of fighting disciplines including kickboxing, jiu-jitsu and wrestling – requires close physical contact during training.

Strict rules around contact between people mean MMA fighters cannot spar at gyms at all.

Gyms were allowed to reopen in England on 25 July after just over four months of lockdown, but by then many gyms had lost over half its members, with many facing financial difficulties.

“Covid-19 has devastated the fitness and leisure sector, with many businesses having zero income but still facing overhead costs,” said UKActive CEO Huw Edwards.

Read the full article here

Recruiting New Members While Engaging With Existing Ones – 10 Point Plan

After months of disruption to your provision clubs are starting to be allowed to resume face to face classes and sessions. While many clubs have offered online sessions there are many that have not. Of those running these online sessions the majority have found that less than 50% of their members have attended these session. Our founders run their own clubs and we therefore understand the need to re-engage and rebuilt their membership.

  • Re-engaging with existing members – with the majority will have lapsed.
  • Recruiting new members.
  • Providing re-assurance that you will be able to provide safe and yet still fun and engaging sessions.

Free White Paper to help you

To help support you, we have developed a 10 point plan to re-engage members and recruit new members. The plan is included in our free white paper which you can download by filling in our CONTACT FORM

Our 10 point plan will make sure that as a membership based organisation or club, you have a plan so rebuild your membership to pre-Covid-19 numbers.

Clubz can help you

Clubz can help you engage with your members and in addition, our new service to provide and host a website for you, can help you engage with potential new members.

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Preparing for the return of face to face training classes and sessions – 10 Point Plan

After months of disruption to your provision clubs are starting to be allowed to resume face to face classes and sessions. We understand though, that you and your members will be anxious about returning. Our founders run their own clubs and we therefore understand the unique challenges membership based clubs need to overcome in returning to face to face sessions, which include:

  • Keeping members and staff safe
  • Keeping attendance and contact records
  • Providing re-assurance and information to your members and staff
  • Complying with all legal requirements
  • Free White Paper to help you

Free White Paper to help you

To help support you, we have developed a 10 point plan looking at everything you need to do in preparation to return and keep your staff and members safe. The plan is included in the free white paper which you can download by filling in our CONTACT FORM

Our 10 point plan will make sure that as a membership based organisation or club, you are clear about the steps you need to take to inform your members, run classes and sessions, keep your members and staff safe and comply with government guidelines and legal requirements.

Support for all membership based organisations and clubs for free

Please take time to read our free white paper written to help you. In the appendix you will find that we have included a clause to cut and paste into your privacy policy and we also offer a risk assessment pro forma that we can supply to you, again at no charge by responding to our download link email.

Clubz can help you manage your return

Finally, Clubz can help you manage the process to all that is needed to return to face to face sessions again for free. Run a safe club with all your legal data to hand with ease.

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Clubz Can Help You To Reopen Smoothly

The UK Government announced indoor sports facilities can reopen from the 25th July, with guidelines.

In a Government press release by Oliver Dowden it was announced that indoor gyms can reopen by the 25th July, alongside guidelines and advice to ensure safety. Clubz can assist the reopening and make the process easy, ensuring a smooth transition back to physical classes. Clubz will also provide a “backup”, should a local lockdown occur, through supplying a platform to continue with online classes. Below will guide through the main points which need to be considered when restarting physical sports classes and demonstrate how Clubz will help.

  • Governing bodies for any sport must have developed guidance and measures for the physical return, important points of these can be sent via Clubz to members.
  • Attendance recording is more important than ever, especially with members contact details. It is much easier to record attendance digitally, as contact details are already stored alongside members.
  • Pre and post session checklists to make sure that safety precautions are being followed out properly. The checklist would contain everything from making sure equipment is cleaned, to making sure contact details of all attending members are obtained.
  • Checking symptoms must also occur, a high temperature, new continuous cough and recent loss of smell or taste. Club members would need to read through the symptoms and declare that they have not currently got any. This is a self-certify method.
  • Club members should further sign an agreement declaring that they have read and understood that attending a physical class can increase risk of infection.
  • Alongside these checks a, pre-registration would need to be completed which would give an indication of numbers. Numbers are restricted more than normal in order to maintain social distancing inside venues. Certain venues are likely operating with significantly less capacity, meaning the amount of people attending will need to checked.

Reopening amidst the pandemic is more complex than normal, but it is important to follow the Government guidelines to ensure safety for club members. The extra administration involved is far easier on a digital platform rather than through pen and paper or multiple excel spreadsheets. Clubz keeps all the admin in one place, making it less of a hassle as the guidelines change overtime to update practices. If symptoms to look for on the pre and post checklists change, on Clubz this can be done instantly. If indoor sport facilities slots continuously alter, it is much simpler to update this digitally. A solid platform that club members can view to find out all the information about their sport will make the process as smooth as possible.
As mentioned above, it is important to have a backup plan in case a local or national lockdown occurs again, or even if sports are restricted after the 24th July. Therefore, having the option to provide training sessions online, whether through videos or online classes, will be a crucial backup. This will allow club owners to maintain an income while simultaneously keeping members engaged in their training.

Click for more information on receiving a free 3-month trial with Clubz, to find out how you can save time on Admin and simplify the process of running a club.

Online Classes Becoming More Crucial

Indoor sports remain shut, as pubs are due to reopen

Elise Christie, a short track speed skater, complained in a BBC interview about pubs reopening as Indoor sports facilities remain shut to no end. No official date has been cited in the UK for the reopening of indoor sports – leaving many people anxious and frustrated.

Clubz can provide online classes which are vital for keeping club members fit and in training. While indoor athletes are eager to return to their normal training sessions, it is important to continue under these unusual circumstances to the best of ability. Clubz is easy to use and supports live online training sessions, which are beneficial to mental and physical health. Elise Christie highlighted that mental health is a priority and being adaptive is important. Being adaptive is made effortless through Clubz which simplifies the task of temporarily moving online.

Free service launched to support local clubs

Melton Mowbray Business Clubz, launches free, easy to use service to support local clubs with live and on demand sessions.

South Notts and Trent Shotokan Karate Club had to cancel all their 5 weekly classes following the Government’s advice. They were worried no classes for possibly months would result in losing even their most loyal members. Luckily the club’s Chief Instructor, Rob Manning along with fellow Karate club instructor and Clubz CEO Myles Ponsonby were able to come up with the answer, a free platform to enable clubs to run their sessions online.

Rob was able to deliver his first online class successfully on Sunday morning and is now planning on a full online class schedule.  He is also looking at starting a free 3-month online course for complete beginners. Rob added, “This is fantastic and allows us to continue delivering classes to keep our members fit, stimulated and engaged with the club. The situation is deeply concerning for us all and online tools like this are now vital to allow us all to stay connected and positive.”

Myles added, “The current situation we find ourselves in is unprecedented and I understand how this would be causing great concern around keeping clubs alive, so that when the situation improves and it is safe to run face to face and group sessions, their members would have a club to return to. As soon as this situation arose, I looked at what we could offer and immediately tasked the development team to create an easy to use facility to deliver sessions remotely to their club members. I am pleased to say that they have worked tirelessly and what they have added in the last week will allow them to deliver live or on demand classes or sessions for their members, but also importantly, to allow clubs to charge members for accessing these classes if they wish.”

Keep Calm and Stay Active