Online club management from Clubz

Clubz is a single piece of software that makes club management easy. Forget about fiddly spreadsheets or keeping track of multiple apps. Clubz has everything in one place.

From membership admin to keeping track of your finances, Clubz gives you the productive tools you need to run your club and stay in touch with all the people who make it more than just a business.


You can even use Clubz to live stream classes and share pre-recorded training materials, so your members never miss out on their favourite activities.

Packed with features

Manage the day-to-day running of your club from one place.

Easy to use

There’s no steep learning curve; Clubz is streamlined and intuitive.

Keep your club connected

Create a community for your club members and staff.

“Clubz helped us to continue our classes and keep members engaged.”

“I can deliver on-demand classes as well as live classes. I can also interweave my own videos before members join the live session and show videos during the live session. The wonderful component is that I know exactly who is training with me. I thoroughly endorse everything that Clubz is able to facilitate for people like me, that are trying to maintain an online presence for my club.”

Rob Manning

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Overview of Clubz

Why us?

Everything in one place

From class registers and venue scheduling to emergency contact details and payment history, Clubz has all your essential information in one easy-to-use package.

Secure payments

Take payments securely directly through the Clubz app and our payment partner, Stripe. There’s no need for a card reader or specialist app, and no extortionate fees.

One app for all users

With different roles available, owners, managers, coaches, members and parents can all use the same Clubz app, keeping everything simple.

Financial management

Take and make payments securely, record and report on your finances, and set up automated payments so you can forget about chasing subscription fees.

Real-time syncing

With cloud-based data, you can use Clubz even without an internet connection. Our real-time syncing will update the information once you’re back online.

Simplified communication

Send individual or group messages instantly for easy communication without leaving the app or hunting for contact details.

GDPR compliant

Clubz is registered with the ICO and is fully GDPR compliant, with sufficient terms and conditions to ensure the safety and security of all personal data.

Your club, your branding

We know how important a professional brand identity is, which is why you can customise the colours, fonts and images in your Clubz app.

Live or on-demand sessions

Let members access your club from their own home with the option to share live and on-demand sessions through the Clubz app.

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